ACER Academic Scholarships – Scholarships Available for Year 7, 2025 Enrollment

Event Date: Sunday, 3 March, 2024

Selecting the right secondary school for your child is a decision of utmost significance. With a multitude of options at hand and numerous factors to consider, determining the ideal educational environment for your family is paramount.

Prescott College is pleased to announce the availability of Academic scholarships for students across all year levels, including those considering enrollment at Prescott College for Year 7 in 2025. Our commitment to providing tailored guidance and fostering academic growth for each student is reflected in the multiple scholarships we extend annually.

Online registration is now accessible through the ACER website. Kindly ensure the submission of your application fee prior to the registration deadline.

For registration and more information, visit:

Registration Deadline: 22 February, 2024


Music Scholarships

Prescott College values and encourages students to participate in the Arts. As such, the College offers a  limited number of scholarships in several categories.

The music scholarship program offers students who wish to pursue music at a higher level an opportunity as follows:

  • 25% reduction on college tuition fees. This will be calculated after all other entitlements have been calculated. This fee reduction should be used by the student’s parent to provide private music tuition and to purchase or rent appropriate musical instruments.
  • Participation in music lessons and performance opportunities.

Application is via the following process:

  1. Obtain and complete a Prescott College Music Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Return the form to the Marketing and Enrolment Officer.
  3. If the application is progressed, the applicant will be contacted by the College to arrange an audition and interview.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Financial Assistance Scholarships

A number of financial assistance scholarships are available each year to new and existing Prescott College students of all year levels. This scholarship is awarded based on the discretion of school administration. Scholarships are valid for the entire length of the student’s enrolment at the school, however, are subject to annual review.



Please feel welcome to call or email Mrs Julie Imbrogno (Enrolment Officer) for further information.
p 08 8269 1655
m 0402 901 608