Tuition fees are a contribution toward the cost of providing educational instruction in a well-resourced learning environment.

A fee account is generated for each of the four school terms.  Fees are due a term in advance.

If a family pays by the Due Date they then receive the Prompt Payment Discount.  This discount applies to Tuition Fees only.

A discount applies to families with more than one child in a Prescott school.  The discount applies only to Tuition Fees and is applied after any School Card Fee Assistance.

2 Children: 15% discount for each child   3 Children: 30% discount for each child    4+ Children: 40% discount for each child

Please contact Jenny White for current school fees or any further information.  Click here for an itemised fee schedule, including school card fees.

p  08 8269 1655
m 0460 791 150

The following are the school fees for 2021:

Prescott College fee schedule 

Fee Item

  Year    7

   Year 8 

   Year 9 

   Year 10 

   Year 11 

   Year 12 

Tuition Fee (per term)181118111811181119421942
Families who qualify for school card receive a 50% discount on the Tuition Fee only
IT Levy (per term)353535353535
Building Levy (per term)484848484848
Outdoor Education (charged in Term One)440440440440
Swimming Fee (charged in Term One)848484
Year 12 Trip (per annum)570


Our supplier for stationery is Campion Education. You will receive a book list upon enrolment.

For second-hand text books, go Sustainable Schoolshop.


Request that a prospectus be mailed to you.