BeyondBlue Bash

BeyondBlue Bash

Prescott College’s first ever BeyondBlue Bash went well, and a huge thank you is extended to everyone who contributed on the day; whether it was by wearing mufti, purchasing a food item at lunchtime, or getting a henna tattoo.

Together, we were able to raise $460.10 on the day, only $40 shy of our $500 goal. The webpage ( is still open for anyone who would like to help us reach our goal. Another immense thank you is also in order for all members of the SRC, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Sutton, who helped set-up, pack-up and organise the day. We couldn’t have made the fundraising amount without your help.

We would also like to give a big thank you to ADRA South Australia for sponsoring the cost of the vegetarian sausages used to fundraise on the day.

Sam M and Brittany O, College Captains

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