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Artwork Display at SACE Art Show
Artwork Display at SACE Art Show In the News18/02/2020

We love to celebrate the achievements of our students. Prescott College 2019 graduate, Wilfred Briones’s artwork has been chosen for display in the 2020 SACE Art Show at the Light Square Gallery.
Concept: Social anxiety

We encourage you to visit the exhibition between the times below, noting that it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Light Square Gallery – 39 Light Square, Adelaide
Tuesday 17 March – Friday 17 April 2020
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturdays 10am – 4pm

Merit Awards Ceremony
Merit Awards Ceremony In the News14/02/2020

Each year, SACE recognises meritorious achievement in Stage 2 Subjects by awarding subject merits to a handful of students. To gain a merit, students must not only gain an overall A+ for that subject, but demonstrate exceptional achievement to the SACE board. In 2019, a little over 800 students Australia-wide were awarded merits, with past student Timothy Howard and current Year 12 Sujit Krishnan both awarded a merit for their outstanding accomplishments in one of their subjects. On Tuesday 4 February, they were accompanied by their families to the Merit Ceremony at Government House to receive their Merits.

Tim Howard
Subject: Research Project
In what ways can mathematical concepts impact pitch and harmony on the piano?

Sujit Krishnan
Subject: Research Project
To what extent has CRISPR/Cas9 technology influenced medical research and what are they ethical implications of it?

Congratulations Sujit and Tim and all the best for your future studies!

Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament In the News10/11/2016

On the 26th of September, six students from Prescott College left school to go and participate in a chess competition. The day started off on the bus ride and because I was the captain I had the honour of sitting in the front seat; next to the teacher. The event was held at Tindale High School; at their school library. There were five schools in total and our school placed third. The whole day was filled with quick 15-minute chess matches, which at the start, was very stressful. Our school narrowly missed out on a medal by just half a point, this paired with the fact that many of our players were inexperienced rookies, means that our school actually did quite well. I would recommend the chess club to anyone looking for a mental challenge. The day was really fun and I made a few friends with the other students who attended the event. It is not at all the mundane quiet environment I am sure you all are imagining. It is truly amazing.

Saksham P, Year 10

Congratulations Tyson!
Congratulations Tyson! In the News10/11/2016

Prescott College Year 10 student, Tyson F, has been selected to represent South Australia as part of the 2016 under 16 National Club Championships in Water Polo. This is a great recognition of Tyson’s efforts and hard work so far, both in competition and training. Congratulations Tyson, and we’ll be cheering you on!

Carlos Vera (Physical Education Teacher)

International Enrolment
International Enrolment In the News10/11/2016

Prescott College is in the process of partnering with international agents representing a number of different countries. Mrs Lianne Zilm (International Enrolment Officer) and Mr Peter Charleson welcomed some of our International agents with a personal tour of Prescott College last fortnight. Our agents are extremely impressed with the College, with comments that International students and families will enjoy the Hospitality and Technology facilities and the curriculum.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)

Congratulations to Evan B!
Congratulations to Evan B! In the News10/11/2016

Evan B, Year 10, is a keen photographer and is constantly looking for opportunities to take photographs for potential publication. Evan’s most recent submission of a Tiger Air photograph has been featured in a double page spread in the Aviation Australia magazine. It is a fantastic photograph and our staff are all proud of Evan’s enthusiasm and talent.

Congratulations Jeff Yone!
Congratulations Jeff Yone! In the News31/07/2016

Jeff Yone has been selected to represent South Australia in football (soccer) at the upcoming school sports Australian Championships being held in Port Kenedy, WA, later this year. Great effort and congratulations!

Carlos Vera (Physical Education Teacher)

Inter-school Cross Country
Inter-school Cross Country In the News31/07/2016

Cross Country is an endurance race, and doing well is more about strength of will and character than it is about speed or power, because long distance runners need to keep going under any circumstances. In Week 5, we had 8 runners compete in the State Cross Country Championships. Under extremely tough conditions, all one last chapel runners completed their races. READ MORE

Congratulations to Jemimah Watson!
Congratulations to Jemimah Watson! In the News20/05/2016

Congratulations to Jemimah Watson for her success at the Sydney International Equestrian events! Jemimah won Grand National Champion Rider for 17 years and under 21 years.
21 March, 2016

School Places – SA Launch
School Places – SA Launch In the News08/01/2016Events08/01/2016

Prescott College is proud to be one of the “launch” schools in partnership with School Places, which opens up an opportunity for our school to fill last minute student vacancies. READ MORE


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