< BACK TO RESULTS Chess TournamentChess TournamentIn the News10/11/2016by Tessa Parry

On the 26th of September, six students from Prescott College left school to go and participate in a chess competition. The day started off on the bus ride and because I was the captain I had the honour of sitting in the front seat; next to the teacher. The event was held at Tindale High School; at their school library. There were five schools in total and our school placed third. The whole day was filled with quick 15-minute chess matches, which at the start, was very stressful. Our school narrowly missed out on a medal by just half a point, this paired with the fact that many of our players were inexperienced rookies, means that our school actually did quite well. I would recommend the chess club to anyone looking for a mental challenge. The day was really fun and I made a few friends with the other students who attended the event. It is not at all the mundane quiet environment I am sure you all are imagining. It is truly amazing.

Saksham P, Year 10