Child Studies

Teacher’s subject commentary

The Year 11s have been busy learning about the physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of young children from birth to 8 years of age. They have investigated and defined what childhood means.

Students have spent time observing how younger children, play and interact with each other. They have discovered that some children can do some types of activities better than others and that there are codes on how to – and why – it’s important to protect them. Students have learnt about the importance of providing a safe environment and why rules are important for children. This has involved working in teams on various projects like: designing and creating a toddler friendly room, to creating games and running them with older children in Reception at Prescott Primary Northern.

This class investigated and also created nutritional food for 8 year olds to take to school. This involved learning about portion control and food safety issues, such as: how to keep food cool or hot until it could be eaten. Students followed guidelines given by the school relating to foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

Working with young children is rewarding. By seeing how children learn new things every day, students might decide to pursue a career in Early Childhood Teaching.