Design & Technologies – Food

Teacher’s subject commentary

The kitchen and textile room has been busier than ever before.

The Year 8 classes designed and constructed mobile phone covers and soft toy monsters, which they carefully decorated. They also prepared a snack, based around the concepts of a wrap.

The Year 9 class investigated and constructed foods that have impacted Australian Cuisine and are environmentally sustainable. They also toured the Botanical Gardens and Central Markets. In textiles, they constructed a hand dyed pillow for their bedroom and delved into the world of fashion by designing their own sleep wear.

Year 10 focussed on devising food products that are healthy. Included in the tasks were the importance of portion control and presentation, which needed to meet the standard of a real recipe book. They also prepared for an annual event The Teacher’s Restaurant Challenge.

The Year 11 Food and Hospitality class had a busy year, with assessment tasks that involved using new technology and responding to trends, like zoodles . Group tasks involved catering for large events. These events have taken them to several locations including preparing food for the ADRA Cafe, and a morning tea sponsored by the South Australian Women’s Ministry Group at Prescott College.