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Teacher’s subject commentary

At Prescott College, we believe that words are very powerful and the better command we have of our words, both spoken and written, the better command we will have of ourselves.

In English, we encourage students to read, to listen, to discuss, to analyse, to view, to polish, to speak, to imagine, to act, to write and to dream.

Students, as they progress through the school from Year 7 – 12, are learning how to take charge of their words and how to create using the best words and ideas in the best way possible. This is a process and takes time and care on the part of the student and also takes expertise in teaching and guiding and correcting.

Our job as teachers is to expose our students to inspiring literature that encompasses great ideas about humanity and its purpose on Earth. We hope that by doing this students will gain insight into who they are and what they may become – useful citizens who have such a command of language so that they may make the world a better place, just by being in it.