Teacher’s subject commentary

It has been a productive and enjoyable year for our French students. In Semester One we brought a French cafe into the Year 8 class room. Fresh and authentic French pastries were served with other refreshments including the most popular beverage in France – Orangina. There was one condition; students had to order in perfect – and polite – French. They did a fantastique job! The Year 9s studied a variety of aspects of contemporary French culture, from French hip-hop and truffle hunting to Bastille Day and Le Tour de France. By sharing their findings with the class, the students were able to appreciate a diverse range of French cultural topics, which they compared and contrasted with their own culture.

At last year’s concert, a group of enthusiastic language learners presented two French mini-plays (with subtitles). This was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their beautiful French speaking skills! The firstplay , Comment T’appelles- Tu? Translated to: What’s Your Name? featured characters with rhyming names, such as Anne Banane, Marc Labarque and Micheline Sandrine, Voisine Magazine FantineCantine, who were shocked when a person with a famous name – Marie Curie – tried to join their group. Next, a play called Le Chat Parlant Translated to: The Talking Cat. This showed what might happen if a cat could talk – and it’s not what Sami the cat’s owner – a sweet little girl called Bernadette – expects!