Teacher’s subject commentary

In Geography this year, students have had the opportunity to enjoy many relevant topics facing our world today. From Coastal Landscapes and Landforms in Year 8, where the students experienced an excursion to the Murray Mouth on the ‘Spirit of the Coorong’, to Biomes and our impact on the environment in Year 9, which led to an excursion to St Kilda Mangroves. Other topics covered in Year 9 were the Importance of Sustainability, where students reflected on the advancement of transport and communication technologies, which have shaped our world today.

In Year 10, students advocated for human rights during their documentary films, and looked at developing nations and the issues that they face such as: water and sanitation problems, human trafficking and poverty.

Year 11 students enjoyed an in-depth study on food trade, population growth, and the impacts of tourism, giving them a great foundation for Year 12.