Curriculum English as an Additional Language or Dialect


At Prescott College, we have a diverse group of students participating in the programme, each enriching the class with their unique cultural background and life experiences. EALD classes are offered for students from Year 8 to year 12. From 2016, EALD students will have the opportunity to enrol in the new SACE subject Essential English for Stage 1 and 2.

Classes are small and therefore students are assisted individually to ensure improvement and to develop confidence in their oral and written language skills. Emphasis is placed on aspects of English such as: pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary development, grammar, sentence construction and paragraph organisation and whole text construction of a range of text types.

Students have demonstrated outstanding commitment and enthusiasm in the often demanding process of mastering an additional language, and have made remarkable progress in their ability to express themselves clearly in writing and learning to speak confidently to an audience.
Ms Henrietta van Rooyen (English Teacher)