Curriculum Learning Support

Prescott College is a non-preferential school, which accepts and welcomes students regardless of current level of academic ability.  We believe that your child matters, which is a philosophy that we embrace every day in each classroom. Therefore, we aim to work with each student as an individual capable of achieving more both personally and academically.

If you feel your child is experiencing difficulty with class work, please make your class teacher the first point of contact.  Our teachers are always enthusiastic to work with students and their families to provide additional support, and make sure students have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Students are offered support if they have learning difficulties and have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). This means they either arrive with a plan from their Primary School or are issued one from Prescott College. Once students have been identified as having learning difficulties they are offered weekly one on one support, usually focusing on Literacy and Numeracy. However, students can negotiate to work on other subjects, or homework, with their Learning Support Assistant. At Prescott College, we see Learning Support as an on-going scheme and student progress is monitored throughout as well as at the end of each year. We consider parental feedback and communication with the school as an important and integral part of the Learning Support process.