Year 10

Year 10

From February 15-19, the Year 10’s set off for their Outdoor Education Camp, which was one of the highlights of the year. Our classes were split into two groups called: Group One; No Fun, and Group Two; Fob Crew. We went on school buses to the Glenelg River. My bus was pretty quiet, so Monique and I sang loud enough to keep everyone awake.

The camp was for a week. This meant one week without showers! But it was definitely worth it! We got the opportunity to learn canoeing, cook our own food, hike, surf, and climb an enormous sand hill. My favourite thing about camp was that I got to know everyone in my group better and spend time away from the school atmosphere.

We played The Animal Game, which was awesome! Everyone had to pick an animal and mimic the sound that animal made. When someone made your sound you had to answer him or her and then say someone else’s sound. It got confusing, but was heaps of fun. Year 9s, you have something to look forward to! One of the hardest parts of camp was that we had to carry everything, and I mean everything. We had all our clothes, four litres of water and our food.

Monique L & Janelle N