Year 8

Year 8

“Year 8 camp was a fun and trialing experience and has left me with many memories. The first night that we were camping in tents was very testing because of the rough weather. It was really nice at the Murray River because I learnt lots of new water sports that I had never done before. I really enjoyed doing water sports with my classmates because it bonded us and was a blast. My favourite activities were sailing, kneeboarding and driving motor boats. There was lots of really good food and it was a great experience for my friends and myself. ”

by Anthony Harder

All of us were looking forward to the Year 8 camp this year. We met as a class for the first time at the start of the year and this camp cemented new and old friendships. We were excited at the opportunity to learn more about each other. On February 18th, almost the entire group of Year 8s were driven by either the amazing Mr Watson, or Rhys Charleson down to Narnu Farm, on Hindmarsh Island. Our camp was filled with many exciting and challenging team building activities, including kayaking, raft building, fishing, and our personal favourite – surfing. It wasn’t just the activities outside of camp, there were many things to do at the farm as well. Both mornings we had the opportunity to see all the animals up close or we could freely swing on the swings, go to the fort on the hill – and who could forget the really intense knockout competitions! Some of the most memorable camp activities had to be the glow- stick capture the flag games and the incredibly scary spotlight game where Rhys Charleson went as far as jumping out of the trees to give us a fright. Overall, I think everyone really enjoyed this camp, and we all have become better friends because of it.

Timothy H Wilfred B