Outdoor Education Year 9

From 15-19 February 2015, the Year 9s went on a trip to Hall’s Gap in Victoria. We stayed at the Big4 Grampians Parkgate Resort for a week. We were surrounded by cabins, but we stayed in tents that we pitched at the beginning of our time there. We had the chance to travel on a few hiking trails which were quite tiring, but were definitely worth it for the spectacular views.

Some of the other activities we did were abseiling and high ropes. The abseiling had many people scared and not wanting to do it, but after the initial leaning backwards off the edge of a cliff, it wasn’t too bad. The high ropes were also a challenge for some, including myself, but I managed to conquer my fear, climb and complete one.

This camp was altogether a lot of fun, with my favourite memory being the daily “methmallow” (cooking marshmallows on the stoves) events which brought a lot of people together, where we could all relax and have a break from the day’s busy activities. We also cooked all our meals on a trangia which is a methylated spirit stove.

Brett B 9B and Nathan W 9R