Sports & Activities

Sports & Activities

Prescott College students participated in a range of sporting activities. As a College, we believe Physical Education helps to develop lifelong learning skills, including the ability to work in a team.

Our students are enthusiastic about sporting activities not only because they enjoy sports, but also because of the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Research has proven that children who engage in sports and/or active recreational activity will often perform better academically, enjoy school more, and even complete homework more frequently.

Every year, three major sporting events involve whole-school participation:

Swimming Carnival

Athletics Carnival

Cross Country

Prescott College also offers three major inter-school sporting activities:

Vista Sports occurs from Term 2 onwards on a weekly basis. Students travel to a designated sports facility to play sport against other teams. Typically, sports include basketball and soccer, and we occasionally run netball depending on student interest.

Our students also participate in Statewide Sports. We have both junior and senior teams, and typically compete in basketball and soccer.

There are several opportunities to participate in all-day carnivals for a wide variety of sports. We organise students to attend these carnivals if they are interested in a particular sport.

Mr Carlos Vera (PE Teacher)