LEARNING Student Leadership

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A message from Prescott College School Captains 2017

Hello everyone! We are your school captains for this year, and we would really like the opportunity to get to know you all throughout the year. We welcome all the new students and appreciate the old ones. We have big plans for this year. We are really excited about being able to represent you and your ideas. As captains, along with the SRC, we will be working closely to see that you all have the best time possible at school.

So feel free to approach us; tell us your ideas or just chat. We won’t bite!

Good-luck for the year everyone!

Monique Littlewood and Sahil Nath

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) gives students the skills to create and to implement, to lead and to follow, to learn from mistakes and to succeed. Most importantly, it gives students the opportunity to represent the views of their peers, and to succeed in making those views heard.

There are several reasons for having an SRC, and they all have to do with students’ participation in what happens within the school and its community.


Students develop skills in areas such as representation, communication and organisation.


All students have a voice and are heard.

Responsible and Trustworthy:

Students have responsibility for real issues; they are trusted to solve real problems and make real decisions.


Students are partners in decision-making with the school leadership team, teachers, parents and the school community.


Mutual respect develops between students and all members of the school community.


Students are committed to their school and care about what happens to it and in it; students care for each other.


Participation is enjoyable and delivers successful outcomes.