Teacher’s subject commentary

Everyone is a mathematician, despite what some believe. Mathematics is embedded in all aspects of nature and modern life. At Prescott, our students have the opportunity to sharpen up their mathematical minds and think outside of the box to solve problems.

This past year, the Year 8s brushed up on their mathematical tools, as well as challenging the ideas and concepts they had about Mathematics. Year 9 students applied their statistical knowledge through analysing the performances at the Cricket World Cup. Year 10s enjoyed putting theory into practice while doing an orienteering course at Thorndon Park. Among other things, they started to focus more on the skills needed to proceed into senior Mathematics subjects.

In the senior years, students specialise in different subject areas. The Mathematical Applications subject saw students learning about finances, measurement, and other areas in which we see Mathematics in day-to-day life. Mathematical Studies was taken by those students who wanted a more rigorous challenge. Students taking these subjects prepare to use their skills past secondary school by studying calculus, linear systems and inferential statistics.