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Year 12 Sydney Trip
Year 12 Sydney Trip Events03/05/2018

The Year 12s ended Term 1 with a trip to Sydney. Year 12 students and staff flew out on Thursday 5th April, 2018 and spent several days in Sydney and Cooranbong. During this time, students had a tour of Avondale College, received career counselling from the Marketing department of Avondale and they experienced the different subjects they offer in Tertiary education. In Sydney, students spent time sightseeing and enjoyed being tourists in such places as Manly, Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, enjoyed seeing the Opera House and using public transport to get around the city. They also had some social and team-building activities, ie. Lazer Tag, Bowling, Escape Room, to name a few. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for them all. They created many new memories and stronger bonds with their classmates and also made new friendships!

Year 12 Sydney trip
Year 12 Sydney trip Uncategorized06/04/2017

The Year 12s headed to NSW Cooranbong to visit Avondale College and get a feel for Tertiary education and then on to some sightseeing around Sydney!

Term 4, Week 4: From the Principal’s Desk
Term 4, Week 4: From the Principal’s Desk Principal’s Desk30/12/2016

Two short weeks ago our Year 12 students attended their last official day of classes. On this day, College teachers and students had breakfast together and reflected on some shared memories. These students are currently in the middle of their final exams. These exams represent the culmination of 13 years of preparation through Primary and Secondary education.  READ MORE

BeyondBlue Bash
BeyondBlue Bash Our Stories10/11/2016

Prescott College’s first ever BeyondBlue Bash went well, and a huge thank you is extended to everyone who contributed on the day; whether it was by wearing mufti, purchasing a food item at lunchtime, or getting a henna tattoo.

Together, we were able to raise $460.10 on the day, only $40 shy of our $500 goal. The webpage ( is still open for anyone who would like to help us reach our goal. Another immense thank you is also in order for all members of the SRC, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Sutton, who helped set-up, pack-up and organise the day. We couldn’t have made the fundraising amount without your help.

We would also like to give a big thank you to ADRA South Australia for sponsoring the cost of the vegetarian sausages used to fundraise on the day.

Sam M and Brittany O, College Captains

Term 4, Week 2: Chaplain’s Corner Chaplain’s Corner10/11/2016

Miss Hopkins’ Year 8 class did a stellar job in leading the school in our chapel service this week. Well done Year 8! Thanks for giving the chaplains a day off! We are looking forward to our second Year 8 class leading chapel next week.

Our chapel service this week finished with the announcement of the 2017 College Student Leaders. Our 2017 College Captains are …. (drum roll) …. Monique L and Sahil N! Congratulations! This year our Captains will be supported by a 5 strong student leadership team comprising of Tyler P, Jeff Y, Cameron K, Audrey R and Zahra A. We look forward to working with the 2017 Prescott CollegeStudent Leadership team next year, as you lead with purpose.

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and PCCA Co-ordinator)

28 October, 2016

Term 4, Week 2: From the Principal’s Desk
Term 4, Week 2: From the Principal’s Desk Principal’s Desk10/11/2016

Service to Others Really Matters (Stormco) is a concept which became reality when a chaplain in an Adventist school challenged his students to travel together to a small town in Australia and run beneficial and enjoyable community activities. The students and staff sacrificed their time in order to serve and give unconditionally to others, in the same way that Jesus did. READ MORE

Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament In the News10/11/2016

On the 26th of September, six students from Prescott College left school to go and participate in a chess competition. The day started off on the bus ride and because I was the captain I had the honour of sitting in the front seat; next to the teacher. The event was held at Tindale High School; at their school library. There were five schools in total and our school placed third. The whole day was filled with quick 15-minute chess matches, which at the start, was very stressful. Our school narrowly missed out on a medal by just half a point, this paired with the fact that many of our players were inexperienced rookies, means that our school actually did quite well. I would recommend the chess club to anyone looking for a mental challenge. The day was really fun and I made a few friends with the other students who attended the event. It is not at all the mundane quiet environment I am sure you all are imagining. It is truly amazing.

Saksham P, Year 10

Term 3, Week 10: Chaplain’s Corner
Term 3, Week 10: Chaplain’s Corner Chaplain’s Corner10/11/2016

At our final Year 12 chapel we celebrated the spiritual leadership of Sam M and Brittany O. Prescott College has been led well by our student leadership, and our lives have been enriched by their candid, collaborative, nurturing and positive approach to leading. All of our Year 12 students have contributed to the ethos and atmosphere of chapels, in particular our WOSE event and our weekly chapels. We have experienced much enrichment from the senior leaders of our school. Our Year 12 chapel ended with a candle light passing ceremony and the singing of our theme song “We Are The Light Of The World”. We will miss the 2016 Year 12s, and wish them all the best as they round this corner and enter the final exam season of their high school careers.

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and PCCA Co-ordinator)

30 September, 2016

Term 2, Week 10: From the Principal’s Desk
Term 2, Week 10: From the Principal’s Desk Principal’s Desk10/11/2016

As I write this article, we are in the middle of an extreme weather event, which in many cases has altered the landscape around us by bringing down trees and flooding rivers. I must admit that I enjoyed Wednesday evening, with no electricity, no lights, no TV, and no radio. I sat by my fire and talked with my family. Sometimes, spending time with the ones you love seems extremely hard to do. READ MORE


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