OUR SCHOOL Co-Education


Here at Prescott College, we believe that God created humans to learn and grow together, not separately. Our students develop an appreciation for all human beings as friends and colleagues in a Christian community.

Within collaborative class discussions, all our students have equal opportunity to develop interpersonal skills as they share uniquely male and female perspectives. Not only are different gender perspectives welcome and encouraged in our classrooms, but also the views of students from other cultures, backgrounds and religions. When we share our perspectives within a safe and supportive environment, we learn to respect each other as unique and precious children of God.

As students form friendships and working relationships, they also develop social skills necessary to interact confidently with their peers of both genders. Cross-gender interaction better prepares students to succeed in the workforce and to become confident moral citizens.

Prescott College is the only co-educational secondary school in the Prospect area. Academic achievement is shared equally by both genders, and students enjoy learning from each other in our small, individualised classes. You can find more information about our school performance here.