Drama / Personal Learning Plan


It has been my great privilege to be a Christian specialist Drama teacher for the last 10 years. My Christian faith is integral to the way I teach students in the Drama Classroom; so I am very excited to be a part of a community with such strong Christian values as Respect, Integrity, and Joy.  I am always impressed by the way Drama impacts students providing them with opportunities for authentic expression, deeper connections in the community, and creating meaningful learning experiences. It surely marks their high school years with fond and very fun memories. Drama has the ability to ignite a lifelong passion for theatre within the students who engage with the subject. I get a lot of joy from helping students grow in their self-confidence and skills, and always endeavor to see them reach their full potential. This in turn will hopefully inspire further dramatic pursuits and vocations, all from the foundation of the Christian faith and worldview to make a positive difference in the world. Teaching Drama over the last decade has given me many opportunities, of which I am very grateful to God, to teach students in secondary schools in Tasmania, Melbourne, and now……… Adelaide. I am very excited to be a part of the Prescott College Community.