Zilm, Daniel
Deputy Principal, Physics and Mathematics Teacher


“The laws of Nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” (Euclid) Many students view Mathematics and Physics as intimidating, but in truth, these subjects discuss integral aspects of how the world works. This can range from the simplest idea to the infinitely intricate. It is immensely exciting to see the direction society takes as it relates to new scientific developments and technological advances. As my students explore these concepts, they become more aware of the place of God amidst the organised design of our world. I strive to inspire my students to delight in learning and to apply what they learn into their everyday lives as well as their future endeavours. I enjoy implementing technology in the classroom to aid in students’ understanding of concepts to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. Many of my students have gone on to pursue careers in areas such as medicine, engineering and scientific research and many are thriving in these fields.