Art Teacher


I was educated in Queensland and completed my Post Graduate studies in South Australia. I have been involved in Art Education at local, national and international levels, having enjoyed the challenges and responsibilities involved in curriculum development and teacher education in my past roles as Lecturer in Art Education and Practicum at the School of Education University of SA and University of Northern Illinois, National President of Australian Institute of Art education, Arts Coordinator at St Mary’s College and Assistant Principal-Wellbeing at Christian Brothers College.  I have been fortunate to work in teacher development in South Africa and have been actively involved in pilgrimages to South Africa and Vietnam.

The College community is welcoming, progressive and provides a calm and respectful Christian environment to build positive working relationships with students, staff colleagues and parents.  The students have exciting ideas and it is professionally and spiritually rewarding to scaffold them so that they can extend their ideas into practical resolution and experience a sense of accomplishment and success and bear witness to God’s gifts bestowed upon us.