‘A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life.’ (John Maxwell).

I love the fact that I have the most auspicious opportunity to serve God in the capacity of a Principal and not so long ago, a school teacher here at Prescott College. Each and every day, I gain an opportunity to sow into young lives as they in return, sow into mine. Each and every day, we are on mission with Christ and I am grateful that mine is carried out here at our school and its wider community.

Working at Prescott College gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I have had the privilege of transitioning students from a primary to secondary school environment. The joy of watching these students develop from shy and timid to courteous and courageous is an absolute blessing! To be able to continue this journey as the incoming Principal of the College, I am still able to say, ‘How lucky am I?’

Welcome to our beautiful school! A school I am proud to be a member of, not because it is close to the city, but because it is close to the hearts of those willing to be transformed by the power of God’s love and the expression of this love extended to others! It can become your school too, should you choose to join us soon. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow because a changed life is a life changed for the better!