Robson, Tricia
Canteen Manager


I have a unique position at Prescott College, keeping the students and staff well fed at Recess and Lunch every day, which is just one part of it. Being outdoors is where I would prefer to be in my free time, whether that is going on adventurous walks, camping or watching my very energetic kids play sport. My background is not in the food industry, but is in Nursing and Pharmaceutical Sales. The aspect of my job that I really enjoy is getting to interact with the students on a non-academic level. Students and staff will often come and hangout and just chat with me at the Canteen, as it’s a relaxed atmosphere. The students reflect on their assessments, teachers, homework, camps, sporting efforts, subjects and their schooling life in general. When talking to the students, I often reflect on my own positive years that I spent as a student here, when I was School Captain and all the things I was involved in at Prescott. I encourage the students to be positive about their time at school, to get more involved wherever they can and just enjoy school life. Hopefully in some small way, I am adding to the overall positive experience that is Prescott College.