Personal Learning Plan

Teacher’s subject commentary

It is a prerequisite of SACE that students study the Personal Learning Plan, which is a Stage 1 Subject. Therefore, throughout Year 10, students carry out research into their chosen career pathways, produce five assessment tasks and do community service through volunteer work. During the course they learn about the five capabilities which underpin the PLP program. On completion, students carry out work experience for one week.  Since the PLP is predominantly about career choices and/or planning for further education, Avondale College and The University of South Australia visit the school to give information workshops. We also had a short excursion to The Career Expo.

Since teaching the PLP I have noticed that many students develop a mature outlook and enthusiasm for their possible future career. The majority share their ambitions with plans for entry into university. Since the PLP currently comprises four essays and one Power point presentation, students have the opportunity to develop their writing skills and I am pleased to say that the students have produced some high quality written assignments this year.