Research Project

Research Project

Teacher’s subject commentary

The majority of Year 12 students finished early and over forty percent received some form of A grade. This is commendable indeed and since the South Australian State Average is a B- I am very proud of their hard work and accomplishments.

Students learn a wide range of study skills, including: researching, proof reading, correctly, citing their references, analysing and evaluating, to name just a few. The students are not the only ones to have learnt new skills. In reading their projects, I have learnt a great deal of interesting information. Topic questions that were chosen by students included; Is trawling as a method of fishing sustainable? What are the advantages of breast feeding compared to formula feeding for babies? Is ion propulsion a feasible method of propulsion? How can I produce organic tea for the South Australian market? There is a multitude of varied topics that are chosen.

I enjoy teaching the Research Project because every year students impress me with their work as they formulate new projects. I am sure these skills will help them in their further study at University or TAFE.