Laptop Program

2024 Devices & Services

Prescott College recognises the importance of integrating technology into students’ education and offers options for purchasing laptops for school and home use. Providing students with the tools and guidance for effectively using technology is essential in today’s educational landscape.

The laptop options offered are MacBook Air M1 & M2 13”, Lenovo 500w 11.6” and HP ProBook 440 14” Windows laptops. It’s important to note that while prices may be comparable to other retailers, the additional warranty and sturdy bag the college provides can add significant value to the purchase. To order, click here!

The fact that students are required to use software from Microsoft, Adobe, and Google for various subjects highlights the diverse educational tools used at Prescott College. Having a minimum specification requirement for laptops ensures that students can effectively run these software applications, often demanding higher processing power and storage capabilities.

Prescott College offers flexibility by stating that students do not have to buy a laptop from the College. This allows families to choose a laptop that meets the specified requirements from other sources if they prefer. This approach respects families’ varying preferences and budgets while still ensuring students have the right tools for their education.

Minimum Specification

The College has established minimum specifications for laptops that students are required to have. These specifications are as follows:

1. Memory (RAM): 8 Gigabytes (8 GB) of RAM. This amount of RAM is sufficient for running various software applications and multitasking effectively.

2. Storage: 256 Gigabyte (256 GB) Solid State Drive (SSD). An SSD is required for faster data access and better overall performance compared to traditional hard drives.

3. Operating System: Mac OS, Windows Home or Windows Professional

4. WIFI: 802.11ac standard (WiFi 5 or Gigabit WiFi). This standard provides improved speeds, better WiFi performance, and extended range compared to older WiFi standards.

It’s important to note that Chromebooks, iPads, or tablets are unacceptable. Students are not required to purchase a laptop from the College, but their laptops must meet these minimum specifications to ensure they can effectively use the required software for their studies.

Powered by up to Intel® Pentium® Silver with Windows 10 Home, the 11.6″ Lenovo 500w Gen 3 2-in-1 laptop is built for the future of education with features that make it ideal for learning. The 360-degree hinge enables comfortable and convenient modes, especially while using the touchscreen with Pencil Touch technology. Students can use the pen to take notes, sketch, and more. Of course, it’s built to the rugged durability requirements you expect from Lenovo and the latest technology to ensure connectivity.

The Lenovo 500w Gen 3, tailored for educational purposes, offers versatility in how students use the device and ensures it can withstand the rigours of a student’s daily routine. It may not have the power of the MacBooks, but it has features they do not. The inclusion of a touchscreen and pen support enhances its utility for tasks that require interaction and creativity. This is the perfect choice for year 7 students.

To order and for a more detailed Lenovo 500w specification, click here!

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STM laptop bag with all laptops

Every laptop purchased from the college includes an STM vertical laptop bag worth $60. The STM Ace Vertical Super Cargo 13-inch to 14-inch Laptop Bag is a durable, on-the-go solution for organising your day-to-day essentials and protecting your compatible laptop and other accessories. Made from 1680D ballistic nylon and 600D polyester fabric, the STM Ace Vertical Super Cargo 13-inch to 14-inch Laptop Bag offers impressive water resistance and durability against wear and tear. We encourage students to always keep their laptops in this bag.

Software Installed on all laptops.

Bundled with our laptops are these essential programs:

G Suite for Education

Office 365

Adobe Creative Suite

Other optional programs are



And Utilities Apps