School Services Pastoral Care


“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”  
Matthew 18:20

Prescott College is committed to teaching good habits to our students based around our school values of Integrity, Respect and Joy from a God-centered perspective. Our school is a place of empowerment and energy that comes through encouragement from dedicated teachers and schoolmates working together, because we care about each student as a whole person. Each and every staff member at Prescott College supports a values-based education, because your child matters.  

Prescott College offers students the opportunity to learn and grow within a safe and supportive Christian community, which encourages our students to develop lasting relationships with God. Every Thursday, students and teachers gather together as a family to worship God, listen to sermons or sermonettes and share or listen to inspirational testimonies in the chapel hall. Additionally, our school chaplain Pr Jake Whittaker serves Prescott College to encourage peaceful relationships in the school community.


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