Pastoral Care Chaplaincy

ali & leight

Pastors Leighton and Ali Heise

Our chaplains Leighton and Ali Heise are a supportive and innovative husband and wife team. Leighton also serves as lead pastor at The Grove Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ali also teaches Music and leads the Prescott College Choir.

Students, teachers, and parents have access to our School Chaplain. Things sometimes happen in our lives that seem beyond our control. In tough times, in puzzling times, and in sorrowful times, the School Chaplain can provide a very important support role for the school community. Our school chaplain also provides opportunities for our students to grow by involving them in our regular weekly Chapel period, during which time a broad range of guest speakers inspire our students.

In addition to providing pastoral support for all Prescott College students and families, Leighton and Ali also run several extra-curricular programs. Students are welcome to contact either chaplain regarding personal bible study and life group opportunities.

For spiritual nurture, prayer, or pastoral support, we invite you to make an appointment to see:

Pastor Leighton
Ph: 04 6894 9589

Pastor Ali Heise
Ph: 04 2347 8112


Request that a prospectus be mailed to you.