Wellbeing Support

All students have rights and responsibilities that teachers and other students must respect. All students and teachers have the responsibility to respect the rights of other students and teachers. When rights are respected and responsibilities are carried out, the school should run smoothly as students prepare themselves for the adult world.

If you are having any problems at home or school, talk to a class teacher, your roll teacher, the school chaplain, Deputy Principal or Principal.

The following outlines the rights and responsibilities of all students at Prescott College:

  • to be happy and to be treated with understanding;
  • to be treated with respect and politeness;
  • to be safe;
  • to expect my property to be safe;
  • to obtain maximum benefit from all lessons and classes – other students will not deprive me of this by their behaviour;
  • to have my health habits respected;
  • to have pleasant, clean and well-maintained buildings and grounds;
  • to be provided with a school in which I am physically safe – if defects occur in the buildings they will be repaired as soon as possible;
  • to expect the local community to support, respect and uphold the name of the school;
  • to be helped to learn self-control (I will accept the consequences if I abuse this right); and
  • to expect that all rights will be mine, as long as I am carrying out my full responsibilities at all times.
  • to treat others with understanding – not to laugh at others, tease others, or try to hurt their feelings;
  • to take responsibility for my own behaviour;
  • to treat others politely and with respect;
  • to make the school safe by not threatening, hitting or hurting anyone in any way;
  • to co-operate with teachers and other students to make sure that lessons proceed, to keep up-to-date  with  required work, to behave so as not to interfere with other students’ rights to learn; to be punctual, to attend school regularly and take part in activities that will be of benefit to my future;
  • not to interfere with the health of others by smoking, taking alcohol or drugs, and not to encourage others to do these things;
  • to care for the school environment  –  to keep it neat and to be prepared to remove litter;
  • to tell  teachers  about  defective building or fittings;
  • not to steal, damage or destroy the property of others, and to take good care of my own property;
  • to behave so that the community will respect the school;
  • to learn self-control; and
  • to protect my rights and the rights of others by carrying out my responsibilities.