Teacher’s subject commentary

It has been an exciting time in Science at Prescott College this year, punctuated by Science Week earlier this term. Science students in each year level were challenged to create and modify a mousetrap racer to see which year level could make them go the fastest and longest distance. The lure of competition, reward and bettering one’s peers was not the only incentive for the students; the winning class would also receive an EXPLODING cake. It was an intense competition at lunch time with the younger year levels outsmarting their older peers by creating a better mouse trap racer. The race wasn’t all plain sailing though, with the Year 9 race having a small hiccup on the starting line and initially being left in the wake of the Year 10 and 11 racers. When the mouse trap finally sprang on the Year 9 racer, unleashing its almighty force, it clearly accelerated faster and was able to travel much further, making the Year 9 class the obvious victors. The Years 9s were treated to a dazzling display of our teacher’s chemistry genius with her exploding chocolate cake and it was enjoyed by the whole Year 9 year level.