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Term 1, Week 10: From the Principal’s Desk

The last week of school for Term 1 is just around the corner, and by now all parents should have all received their student’s interim report, along with a letter inviting them to attend a Parent Teacher Evening this Monday, April 11, 2016. Often parents receive this invitation and ask their child if they should attend, which likely produces an emphatic, “No”.
Over the last 26 years of teaching, I have observed that the majority of parents who attend Parent Teacher Interviews and Information Evenings, are the parents of students who are well adjusted and performing at a suitable level academically. One may be inclined to ask, “Why do they still make the effort to come, speak with, and listen to the teacher’s advice?” I believe that the answer is this – when parents show an interest in their child’s schooling by attending these types of events, it sends a clear message to the student that they consider education important.
Often parents remark to me that their student is now in high school and hence, they feel it is time for them to begin making adult decisions about their education. Unfortunately, allowing them this freedom often leads to disaster, as physically, the student may no longer look like a child, but their maturity levels and decision making processes are far from adult. This is often reflected by the student’s immature desire to keep the school and their parents separated, so that they cannot not be called to account.
E. G. White, author of the book ‘Education’, states: ‘In the formation of character, no other influences count so much as the influence of the home….In all that concerns the well-being of the child, it should be the effort of parents and teachers to co-operate’ (Pg 283).
Please allow me to encourage you to call the College reception desk and book appointments to discuss your child’s progress. Be open and ready to share information with us so that we can cooperate and continue to help develop your child’s character, thus engendering better learning outcomes for your child.
I look forward to seeing you on Monday evening.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)
8 April, 2016

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