Chaplain's Corner

Term 1, Week 4: Chaplain’s Corner

Pr Ali spent the last week Year 10 Camp while Pr Leighton stayed home looking after the family (we are married with 4 children…!).
The students and I had a lot of fun and the experience strengthened us as a school family. Highlights of our camp included a lot of rain, and wearing attractive yellow raincoats together. Students and staff shared the pain of carrying a 20kg pack for over 15km. When we weren’t hiking, we were canoeing for over 17km down the Glenelg River!
We shared food, conversation and laughter every meal-time. Personally, I gained an education on what is ‘cool’ in music, according to teenagers.
What a blessing to get to know our students more. So fun!

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and Music Teacher)
26 February, 2016

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