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Term 1, Week 8: Chaplain’s Corner

Do you sing in the shower? Well then, join us! The Prescott College Choir will have a fresh start this year, with our chaplain Ali Heise taking the reigns. Ali is a trained Music Teacher (BA/BTeach Music/Religious Studies) and is looking forward to creating a space where students can learn, grow, and succeed, whilst providing a blessing to others.
Auditions for the Prescott College Choir have begun this week! We will be preparing for the Prescott College concert which is held mid-year, the Week of Spiritual Emphasis in Term 2, as well as some small tours around South Australia.
Check out this fun youtube video to give you an idea of one of the directions we could take the Prescott College Choir:

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and Music Teacher)
24 March, 2016

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