Swimming Carnival

Term 1, Week 8: From the Principal’s Desk

With the Easter holiday around the corner, I am reminded of the Bible story of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Over the last two weeks, the students and staff at Prescott College have participated in two school events that appropriately parallel the Easter story.
On Tuesday 16 March, a memorial service was organised by our School Captains, Sam and Brittany. As a school, we remembered former Prescott student, Eileen Delany, who died tragically in a car accident two years ago. During the service, Miss Krissie Hopkins unpacked two quotes that were written in Eileen’s art sketchbook: When it rains, look for the rainbow. When it is dark, look for the stars. The other was simply: Eternity.
Miss Hopkins reflected on the idea that the teachers at Prescott College are focused on helping students prepare for Eternity. She spoke about this life, and explained that although bad things happen, God is always the victor. Although there is death, Eternity is our final destination.
It’s Easter Friday – Jesus is in the grave; it is raining and dark. To quote a Christian author, Tony Campolo: “It is Friday, Mary is crying, and Jesus is in the grave, but Sunday is coming.”
On Sunday, the tomb is empty and Christ is resurrected for Eternity. On Sunday, the ‘rainbow’ and ‘stars’ appear. We know that this same Jesus will return again to resurrect for Eternity – Eileen – along with all the others who are sleeping in the grave. (For the full story, see the 1st book of Thessalonians, chapter 4 and verses 13 to 18, in the Bible.)
Sunday’s events in the Easter story are cause for celebration, which brings me to the second school event I alluded to earlier – our school Swimming Carnival. It was a terrific day of celebration within the Prescott College community. There was much laughter and exuberance as the year level races, pyjama relays, dolphin races and volleyball games were enjoyed by all.
The resurrection of Jesus to life is our cause for celebration. Prescott College seeks to celebrate life and success, so we teach and uphold strong Christian values of integrity, respect and joy.
We wish you a joyful and safe Easter as you consider how eternity was purchased for each one of us, made possible, by the events of Easter.
In memory of Eileen Delany – who joyfully giggled and celebrated life – “When it rains, look for the rainbow,” which is Jesus Christ.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)
24 March, 2016

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