From the Principal's Desk

Term 2, Week 10: From the Principal’s Desk

What makes something valuable? Economists agree that the more limited and desirable a resource is, the greater the value. In other words, the economic value of a resource is determined by how much a person or organisation July is prepared to pay for the resource. For example, science uses the term ‘rare earth metals’ to describe metals that have a variety of unique properties which are used to create new technologies such as lasers, highly efficient batteries, and advanced communication equipment. ‘Rare earth metals’ have a high economic value because their properties are both limited and highly desirable.

I have recently been conducting enrolment interviews for our 2017 Year 8 cohort, and I have been noticing why parents and students are choosing Prescott College as their school of choice. Some of the reasons are curricular: outstanding academic results with 30% of the 2015 graduating cohort receiving an ATAR above 90, and small class sizes in senior school where attention is given to each student as they are encouraged to improve. Some of the reasons are extracurricular: musical opportunities in chapel bands and a reenergised choir, and a growing sport program with Vista weekly sport and many one-day carnivals.

Some of the reasons families choose Prescott College are cultural: our commitment to providing a safe environment where issues are dealt with promptly, a harmonious multi-cultural community which has more than 30 people groups represented, and our strong Christian values which are lived out by students and teachers daily.
These are just a few reasons why our Year 8 cohort for 2017 is almost full, and student places could now be considered a limited resource. Finally, as we enter the mid-year holiday break, I am reminded of the value of each student. Our individual value is determined by the price that God was prepared to pay to buy us back from death and offer each of us eternal life. God paid this price for us when he allowed his Son to be crucified and raised to life. Now that is a limited resource, as there is only one Son of God.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)

8 July, 2016

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