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Term 2, Week 2: Chaplain’s Corner

God’s design from the beginning was to “plant” human beings in a fruitful environment of flourishing creativity and rich relationship with Him. This desire continues, and when we read the final book of the Bible, we see in the age to come, God is with his people in that same environment. Our new theme in chapel this term is: “Planted. For His purpose”. Last week Pr. Leighton explored how God used the unsavoury circumstances of Joseph’s journey not to persecute, but to show how God can “plant” us, prepare us, and give us purpose beyond our wildest imaginations. At the close of Genesis in chapter 50, verse 20, Joseph reflects to his brothers who had sold him into slavery saying,
“You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good to save many people”. In what ways is God planting you? God bless as we do Term 2 together.

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and Music Teacher)
8 April, 2016

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