Term 2, Week 6: From the Principal’s Desk

Light is an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes it behaves as a particle and other times as a wave. Humans can only see a certain range of wave lengths, referred to as visible light. There is more light beyond the range of visible light, for example, ultraviolet light, which causes sunburn. We cannot see it, but nonetheless, it still exists. In contrast, the supposed opposite of light is darkness. In fact, darkness is not a particle, a wave, or any type of matter; darkness is merely the absence of light. Put simply, light is everything and darkness is nothing.

Last week Prescott College had our Year 12 cohort organise and lead the rest of the student body in WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis). Music, drama, interactive activities and engaging talks by our guest speaker Pastor Tapiwa Mutseriwa took place in Chapel every day. The theme for the week was “Light the Way”, which is fitting, considering Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. Although Biblical descriptions of God talk about physically intense light, I believe the metaphor here takes on a far greater meaning. Light is required for all life on this planet, just as God is the sustainer and author of life. Students who choose to allow God to “light the way” will choose a Christ-centred lifestyle, which naturally produces students who will live out our school values of integrity, respect and joy. This creates a school that is a warm, inclusive community that allows all to thrive and produce excellent student outcomes.

Thank you Sam, Brittany and the Year 12 classes for your strong and creative leadership. Our Prescott College community has been blessed and strengthened by you.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)

10 June, 2016

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