Term 2, Week 8: From the Principal’s Desk

Several years ago I was playing a game of basketball at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre. During the game, one of the players on the opposing team became increasingly agitated toward my team and the umpires. Eventually he exploded in a verbal tirade, and proceeded to point out all of the missed and incorrect calls of the game thus far. The umpire stood quietly and listened, and then explained that he hadn’t heard of those rules. He then asked, “Where did you get these rules from?” After a short pause, the player sheepishly responded, “Well, those are the rules on NBA Jam.” At this comment both teams burst into laughter, knowing that you can’t learn to play basketball through a computer game.
This week we have had our Year 10 and 11 students preparing for and sitting their Mid-Year Examinations. During this time a number of parents have contacted the College with regard to the necessity of students sitting these exams, wanting exemptions for their child so that they can attend other appointments, go on family holidays or simply to reduce the student’s stress level. While exams may seem inconvenient and the process stressful for students and their families, they do serve a purpose for assessment. More importantly, the practice and skill building that takes place before, during and after the exam, cannot be replicated in any other way. As you are aware, Prescott College consistently achieves excellent Year 12 results. These grades are a result of a carefully planned set of learning experiences that are used to grow and develop academic excellence. If students do not participate in these type of learning experiences, it affects their final Year 12 result.

You cannot learn to play basketball using a keyboard and you cannot learn to prepare for and sit exams without actually going through the process of preparation, sitting the exam and receiving feedback. I encourage you to support and encourage students as they undertake the many learning experiences required of secondary students.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)

24 June, 2016

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