Term 4, Week 2: Chaplain’s Corner

Miss Hopkins’ Year 8 class did a stellar job in leading the school in our chapel service this week. Well done Year 8! Thanks for giving the chaplains a day off! We are looking forward to our second Year 8 class leading chapel next week.

Our chapel service this week finished with the announcement of the 2017 College Student Leaders. Our 2017 College Captains are …. (drum roll) …. Monique L and Sahil N! Congratulations! This year our Captains will be supported by a 5 strong student leadership team comprising of Tyler P, Jeff Y, Cameron K, Audrey R and Zahra A. We look forward to working with the 2017 Prescott CollegeStudent Leadership team next year, as you lead with purpose.

Leighton Heise (Chaplain) and Ali Heise (Chaplain and PCCA Co-ordinator)

28 October, 2016

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