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Term 4, Week 4: From the Principal’s Desk

Two short weeks ago our Year 12 students attended their last official day of classes. On this day, College teachers and students had breakfast together and reflected on some shared memories. These students are currently in the middle of their final exams. These exams represent the culmination of 13 years of preparation through Primary and Secondary education. 

The skills which Year 12 students use to successfully finish Senior Secondary Exams cannot be learnt at the last minute and aren’t a result of genetic chance. These skills have been developed by use over a long period of time, through essays written, assignments completed, research conducted and deadlines for completion successfully met. Students gain the right skills and attitudes needed for Year 12 exams through many years of engagement in a well-planned curriculum, which includes both formal and informal lessons, and activities.

Students in lower grades need to be aware that every educational task completed will contribute to developing personal skills for their later success. Time spent in and out of class reviewing, completing and practicing tasks is necessary for academic skill development.

At Prescott College, our staff are proud of our Year 12 students and we look forward to wishing them well at our Speech Night on the 8th of December. On this night, we will encourage our students to become lifelong learners as they start on their journey as adults, which comes with a new set of challenges. We are reminded in the book of Hebrews, chapter 12, verses one and two, to fix our eyes on Jesus for faith and perseverance as we do our best to be successful in every aspect of our lives.

Mr Peter Charleson (Principal and Science Teacher)

11 November, 2016

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