Visual Art

Teacher’s subject commentary

Prescott College students have continued to amaze us with their creativity and innovative artworks. The teacher worked with the Year 8s, who developed their skills in observational drawing, perspective and shading. They also practised their acrylic painting techniques and produced some lovely Aboriginal dot paintings. The theme of Asia enabled students to gain inspiration for their ceramic masks and many wonderful masks were created.

Year 9 students photographed still-life compositions and learnt how to use a wide variety of media which enabled them to produce some excellent artwork, many of which are displayed on the walls in the Art room.

The Year 10 students studied Visual Art for either one semester or the full year. During this time they produced paintings inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh, made imaginative mosaics, and enjoyed making mod-rock sculptures. Integral to these projects were art history assignments on Van Gogh, Antoni Gaudi, George Segal and Anthony Gormley.

SACE Stage 1 and 2 students study a range of contemporary and historical artworks and use them to gain inspiration to develop their own innovative concepts. Year 11 & 12 art this year has included: photography, ceramics, painting, caricatures, mixed media, comic illustration, fashion illustration & Aboriginal dot painting.