Adventist Education

“The heart and soul of Adventist Education stems from a worldview regarding the origin, meaning, purpose, and destiny of human life. These beliefs and assumptions are drawn from the Bible.”

“Each school is seen as a total learning environment, with careful attention to a balance between study, worship, labour and recreation. It is a community in which spirituality, industry, a spirit of cooperation, a sense of safety and security, and respect for the diversity of individuals and cultures are valued and nurtured.

“The culture and ethos of our schools consistently reflect the practical endorsement of a biblical worldview and its implicit values. This culture seeks to be Christian generally, and Seventh-day Adventist in particular. Each school community will function in a complementary relationship with the family, the Church, and other schools in the system.”  Adventist Schools Australia 2014, Special Character

This video explores the role that Adventist Education has played in the lives of four individuals who attended an Adventist school, which will show you how they have gone on to become successful in their chosen careers as well as develop a heart of service and have given back to their communities.