Jane Talamaivao

Principal’s Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you visit our College community via the website.

Prescott College is a Christian secondary school committed to growing students of character, helping them achieve excellence in academics and beyond, in the context of a strong and positive learning culture.

Our motto, “Nihil Sine Deo” (Nothing Without God), places Christ firmly at the centre of our school. Our core values of integrity, respect and joy, are lived out daily in the classrooms, halls and the schoolyard by students and staff. At Prescott College we learn, we value, and we serve, turning our values into actions.

People who visit our College, or come into contact with us off campus, frequently make unsolicited comments about the things they observe: smiling students and staff; settled, engaged classes; and warm, genuine and inclusive interactions.

Please contact us and arrange for a personal tour, or book into one of our Open Day events, so that you too can catch a glimpse of the Prescott experience – where students gain an excellent education which focuses on developing the whole person.

…because your child matters.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

God bless,

Mrs Jane Talamaivao (Principal)

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