Outdoor Education

Year 10 Camp is our students’ final outdoor education experience at Prescott College. The camps preceding Year 10 Camp have been carefully thought out so that they prepare students for their most challenging camp.

Year 7 Camp starts students off staying in bunk houses with fully catered meals, being taken to different activities such as kayaking, surfing, rafting and team-building exercises.

Year 8 Camp includes students staying in bunk houses, having catered meals and engaging in more challenging aquatic activities such as small boat handling, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, water skiing and knee boarding.

Year 9 Camp becomes more challenging with students being introduced to tenting, meal planning and cooking their own food with trangias. They enjoy some luxuries still while camping in a caravan park; riding in the coach bus to activities such as hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and high ropes courses.

Each one of these preceding camps allows students to acquire a specific set of skills that will be built on the following year by the next camp. This builds students’ confidence and resilience while also allowing them to have a great time getting to know their peers; building and making new friendships.

Outdoor Education Australia explains that students are able to develop personal and social capabilities such as communication, resilience, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, goal setting, personal autonomy and initiative while participating in outdoor education camps, all of which allow our students to build their character and wellbeing.